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  • Brooklyn Herborium Cow Fart Juice


    A highly intoxicating blend of healing herbs that have natural anti-microbial (anti-bacterial, anti-viral, & anti-fungal) properties. May be helpful for itchy skin, certain rashes and chronic skin conditions, athlete’s foot, nail fungus & other various skin disorders. In addition, Cow Fart Juice has elements of what the skin needs in order to produce a higher…

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  • Brooklyn Herborium Sense & Sensitivity Mist


    – beneficial to those with thin, delicate skin as well as those with highly reactive skin. – If you are prone to inflammation, irritation and redness (particularly in the cheek area), hives, distended capillaries, and itchy stress bumps – The main purpose of our Mineral Mists is to emulsify them directly into your Nourish &…

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  • Brooklyn Herborium Nourish & Replenish Oil


    – This highly enjoyable combination of oils is made from a nourishing blend of olive squalane potentiated with quartz, herbally-infused plant oils and cold-pressed pure botanical seed oils. – Nourish & Replenish is formulated to be mixed with a Mineral Mist to make a lovely a preservative-free moisturizer called a Moisture Duo. – The combination…

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  • Brooklyn Herborium Cow Fart Cream


    —Forms an occlusive, protective layer with its balanced blend of natural oils, pure rosewater, goat milk, and honey. — It is formulated to either be used on its own (with a slight hint of our traditional Cow Fart Botanicals) — in conjunction with Cow Fart Juice and Cow Fart Activator to help your problem skin…

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