Large Cushion Paddle Brush


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“Moroccan Argan Oil is natures vitamin rich restoring oil. Full of minerals and antioxidants, this essential oil makes for a miracle hair ingredient, locking moisture in and frizz out, for a softer glossy finish.
Moroccan Argan Oil infused nylon pins with rounded ball tips penetrate the hair and gently massage the scalp, leaving strands smooth with a healthy boost of shine and helping to make the hair more manageable for easy day to day styling.
– Soft and bouncy air cushioned pad flexes when brushing, following the natural contours of the head without tugging or pulling the hair. Large surface area paddle head and heat resistant pins blow dry large sections of hair with ease, working to achieve a sleek straightened finish with a natural sheen.
– Comfortable soft touch handle with a non-slip rubber grip allows for controlled tension brushing and precision styling.”


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