ANGLED Blending Sponge (Black) and Holder x 3 + ATTIRER Mini Blending Sponge Set (Online Exclusive)


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“Nude color makeup sponge combos:
3x Angled blending sponges (Beige, Brown & Black Color). Each comes with a Vented Blending Sponge Holder + 9x Mini Blending Sponge Set

Precision application makeup sponge made with revolutionary foam technology for liquid, cream or powder foundations.

During use: For a light dewy look, first dampen the blending sponge before using. For fuller coverage, use the blending sponge dry.

After use: Wash makeup sponge regularly after use in warm, soapy water. Gently squeeze excess water out and put on sponge holder, vented design increases airflow for fast drying after cleaning. Store in a clean, dry place.


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