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Olive Skin Serum contains 100% phyto-active Olive Squalene which resembles the built-in moisturiser each of us has in our skin. This in-built moisturiser and skin protector, “Squalene”, decreases as we age making our skin vulnerable to free radical damage and premature ageing. It’s therefore vital to replenish your Squalene levels daily!

Sourced from the humble olive, this skin friendly anti-aging treatment imparts a non-greasy satin finish, that is ideal to use under make-up and suitable for all skin types and conditions.

Clinically proven to increase and seal moisture levels in the skin within 24 Hours, learn why Olive Squalene is as vital to skin as water is to life here.

– Suitable for all skin types
– Odourless
– Identical to natural skin oil and moisture factor
– Non-greasy and non-clogging
– An effective night treatment for eye, neck and face

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