Oxygen Jacuzzi Co2 Mask

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eCO2 GEL MASK in 2003 in Japan by the treatment of the wound healing process was born. Security applications in the study of carbon dioxide in the process of treatment, the researchers found that high concentrations of carbon dioxide produced by Gel can be effectively penetrated the skin. High concentrations of carbon dioxide absorbed through the skin, the red blood cells to stimulate the release of large amounts of oxygen to the skin cells (# # Bohr effect). After receiving a red blood cell skin sent a lot of oxygen, cell activity can be improved to the pole, completely solve the problems caused by skin cell layer. This technology is more efficient penetration in Japan for three consecutive years won the “top priority Technology” Award

Through proprietary DDS (dug delivey system) technology, eCO2 GEL MASK Yoga can be transmitted efficiently carbon dioxide into the skin cells, balance skin moisture and oil proportion, tend optimal level

– Improve dull complexion;

– Repair fine lines and relaxation;

– Solve sagging skin and facial Cellulite

– Eliminate acne and edema;

– Laser and IPL treatment can lower the red, swelling and soothe irritated skin;

– Increase beneficial substances such as amino acids and hyaluronic acid


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