Oi TEA Botanical Tea - Detox

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Ingredients: Dried Lemon Verbena, Lemongrass, Rosemary, Orange Peel.
Summarize Function:  Reduce Edema, Swelling & Dampness / Tighten Skin Complexion / Invigorate (Qi)

Lemon Verbena:
– Its lemon scent has the effect of soothing tension while relaxing the body, mind, and spirit, also help digestion and remove greasiness, a.k.a “Queen of herbal tea”,
– In France, lemon verbena is considered an after-meal drink replacing coffee as their “evening tea” to improve sleep and help digestion before bed.
– Functions: Reduce Edema, Balance Emotions & Promotes Digestion.

– Contains a large amount of citric acid along with its aroma can increase appetite, uplift spirit, improve gastrointestinal state, promote digestion, and restore physics.
– It reduces swelling and antiseptic effect helps relieve cold symptoms.
– Functions: Promote digestion / reduce swelling & dampness / body booster

Dried Rosemary:
– Not only can it promote blood circulation but helps clear the mind consciousness and improve concentration. Rosemary contains anti-aging oxidation to help activate body functions, that is why it has been dubbed “Rejuvenation herb”.
– Functions: Refreshing / promote blood circulation & digestion / tighten skin complexion.

Orange Peel:
– Promotes digestion and correctly aligns the intestines and stomach, best suited for people with indigestion problem.
– In addition, orange peel has an excellent calming effect, drinking at night can improve sleep habit.
– Functions: Balance emotions & invigorate (Qi)

SGS – 480+ Pesticide Tested
Eurofins – Metalic Contanmiants Tested
100% Natural
No Addictive
No Preservatives

Product: Malaysia
Shell Life: 24 Months
Nett Weight: 2.5g x 10pc
Individually sealed sachet each using corn-fiber tea bag
Serving: 350ml Hot water 85°C+ steep for 5mins

Storage: For optimal storage to be kept in cool and dry place, and avoid direct sunlight, best kept refrigerate.

Advise with medical condition / pregnancy to consult a physician before consumption

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2.5g x 10


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