Oi TEA Botanical Tea - Glamour

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Ingredients: Rose, Jasmine Flower, Apple Flower, Wolfberry, Red Dates, Sweet Osmanthus.
Summarise Functions: Soothe Liver & Increase Blood Circulation / Clear Acne / Nourish Skin Complexion / Invigorate (Qi) / Blood Circulation

– Can relieve tension, help regulate hormones, improve physical discomfort, and at the same time beautify skin.
– Although there is variant in red, pink, and purple rose tea, the taste, and efficacy are the same.
– Functions: Beautify / regulate hormones / soothe liver & promote blood circulation.

Jasmine Flower:
– Blossoming usually 2 in the morning so it is called “Night Queen flower”. Its effect is beneficial for relaxation, calming and anti-depressive effects, and promote digestion.
– Functions: Nourish Yin & lowers internal Yang / soothe liver & relieves depression

Apple Flower:
– Contains polyphenols and acts as an anti-allergy effect, with its functions of nourishing blood, improving vision, detoxifying, whitening, and clearing acne.
– Functions: Clear acne / nourish skincare & blood / improves vision

– Rich in carotene, vitamin A, B1, B2, C, Calcium & Iron strongly improving vision, with addition it is rich in antioxidants good as anti-aging agent.
– Functions: Restore energy (Qi) / strengthen kidney

Red Dates:
– A staple ingredient for many women today especially those with anaemia, lack of blood, cold hands, and feet with weak (Qi),
– Red date infused drinks are suitable all seasons with its effects of nourishing blood and calming nerves, invigorate (Qi), and enhancing strength.
– Functions: Invigorate (Qi) & Blood circulation / Brighten Skin complexion / Soothe liver & relieves depression

Sweet Osmanthus:
– As early in the Tang and Song dynasties, “xiangshen” an ancient method concubines and imperial women used osmanthus for culinary which improves body aroma.
– It also has the effects of relieving cough and phlegm, detoxifying, replenishing Qi, and whitening skin.
– Functions: Improve skin / detoxification / boost lung heath

SGS – 480+ Pesticide Tested
Eurofins – Metalic Contanmiants Tested
100% Natural
No Addictive
No Preservatives

Product: Malaysia
Shell Life: 24 Months
Net Weight: 4.5g x 10pc
Individually sealed sachet each using corn-fiber tea bag
Serving: 350ml Hot water 85°C+ steep for 5mins

Storage: For optimal storage to be kept in cool and dry place, and avoid direct sunlight, best kept refrigerate.

Advise with medical condition / pregnancy to consult a physician before consumption

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4.5g x 10


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