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Ingredients: Dried Chrysanthemum Buds, White Chrysanthemum, Wolfberry, Sweet Osmanthus.
Summarise Functions: Relieve Headaches / Detoxification / Restore Energy (Qi) / Nourish Skin Complexion.

Dried Chrysanthemum Buds:
– Chrysanthemum has the effects of dispelling internal heat, liver soothing and improving vision, and consider an anti-aging agent.
– Functions: Relieve headaches / clear internal body heat

White Chrysanthemum:
– Cures symptoms such as dry mouth, internal body heat, and astringent eyes. Consume in hot water can help remove swelling & dampness and relieve cold symptoms.
– It is suitable for all ages as it contains vitamin A, which works best for people with dry eyes, and with it’s sedative effect for regular drinker can calm the mind.
– Functions: Detoxification / nourish liver and improve vision

– Rich in carotene, vitamin A, B1, B2, C, calcium, & iron mainly improving eyesight, addition it is rich in antioxidants good as anti-aging agent.
– Functions: Restore energy (Qi) / strengthen kidney

Sweet Osmanthus:
– As early in the Tang and Song dynasties, “xiangshen” an ancient method concubines and imperial women used osmanthus for culinary which improves body aroma. It also has the effects of relieving cough and phlegm, detoxifying, replenishing Qi, and whitening skin.
– Functions: Improve skin / detoxification / boost lung heath

SGS – 480+ Pesticide Tested
Eurofins – Metalic Contanmiants Tested
100% Natural
No Addictive
No Preservatives

Product: Malaysia
Shell Life: 24 Months
Net Weight: 4.5g x 10pc
Individually sealed sachet each using corn-fiber tea bag
Serving: 350ml Hot water 85°C+ steep for 5mins

Storage: For optimal storage to be kept in cool and dry place, and avoid direct sunlight, best kept refrigerate.

Advise with medical condition / pregnancy to consult a physician before consumption


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