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Platinum Gold Cellular Radiance Infused Ampoule


: $480.00

  • 2.5ml x 10

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Why Buy From Us?

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Why Buy From Us?

Contains five different growth factors (EGF, IGF-1, ACIDIC FGF, FGF and VEGF), amino acid vitamin. Components of Bio-Placenta are similar to human placenta.

BIO-Placenta is more effective than commercial human placenta product in stimulation of cell growth.

– Reduces wrinkles by 13% in 2weeks and 16% in 4 weeks on crow’s feet.

– Reduces wrinkles by 38% in 2weeks and 46% in 4 weeks on below eyes.

– Skin elasticity has been improved by 32% in 2 weeks and 47% in 4 weeks.

– Skin Moisturizing has been improved by 83% just after applying, 50% in 2 weeks and 64% in 4 weeks.

1. Remove the rubber cap from the Luer-Lock adapter in the syringe container.

2. Apply a sufficient amount of PLATINUM GOLD CELLULAR RADIANCE INFUSED AMPOULE onto the face and neck gently massage until maximum absorption.


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