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Meso Filler Ampoule 1+3


: $680.00

  • 2.8ml x 10

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Why Buy From Us?

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Why Buy From Us?

1 + 3″: “first injection supple muscle” + “and then the skin whitening muscle remodeling Tammy muscle · muscles · age freeze”

It has eight major US medical grade ingredients, sodium hyaluronate, algae polyphenols, apple stem cells, bearberry berry, pomegranate seeds, watermelon seed, almond oil, olive leaf.

  • Supple muscle — containing sodium hyaluronate is 800-1200 times the dermis to bring moisture into the infinite instant skin supple underlying satiety
  • Tammy muscle — containing algae polyphenols SeanolR child can improve chronic inflammation of the skin aging, antioxidant and improves skin metabolism, whitening wrinkle removal aging cuticle, pores, acne and other rehabilitation solve various skin problems skin Di made Tammy muscle
  • Whitening muscle — bearberry berry botanical extracts with pluralism, not only the depth of white skin, freckles and melanin, more effective against free radicals and a potent antioxidant, higher than the efficacy of vitamin C 5 times

Apple jelly age of muscle stem cells — can promote cell regeneration of 80%, having reduced functionality Cellulite fat accumulation, to tighten and firm facial contours beauty, effectively increase the vitality and longevity of skin stem cells to protect skin stem cells against environmental pressure belt to damage, so as to achieve delay aging and age freeze efficacy

1. Remove the rubber cap from the Luer-Lock adapter in the syringe container.

2. Apply a sufficient amount of Meso Filler Ampoule onto the face and neck and gently massage it into the skin for full absorption.


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