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PurePressed ® Blush


5 selected brands 1 piece 10% off; 2 pieces 15% off
  • Barely Rose
  • Clearly Pink
  • Copper Wind
  • Whisper

Our Blushes provide color that lasts with ingredients that are good for your skin like antioxidants and anti-inflammatory ingredients. To find your perfect blush shade, match it to the colour of your cheek when flushed or exercising.

Two colors are better than one. Apply a darker shade to the outer cheekbone and a brighter shade on the apple of the cheek. Blend the two together. Favorite combinations are Cinnamon and Whisper, Bronzer and Cotton Candy.

Use the flocked sponge to blend and feather the edges.

Because there are no chemical dyes, blush colors can be applied to the eyes and lips. Wet a lip brush and pick up some blush for a truly wonderful lip liner, or fill in lips with wet blush and apply a PureGloss.


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