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The Mē device (soft / smooth, touch) comes with a 120K pulse built in quartz lamp, once the old cartridge is empty dispose of it and simply click the new 120000 pulse cartridge instead.

This new cartridges are made especially for the ME touch, it supplies 120,000 pulses (equal to about 20 regular cartridges of 6000 pulses)
You can remove all body hair with about 6000 pulses!! This amazing 120K lamp can last 9 years!!

Elōs is a combination of optical energy (IPL) and radiofrequency energy (RF), it is the most advanced technology in the world, elos is clinically tested and medically proven. Treatment with me elos is safe for home use, it is fast and harmless. It uses the same 10-year professional elos technology at a fraction of the cost of laser treatments performed at doctors´ clinics. It is efficient, convenient and safe for all skin types.

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120,000 Pulses


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