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Ingredients: Dried Lavender, Chamomile, Lemon Verbena.
Summarize Function: Improve Sleep & Skin Complexion / Calm Nerves & Emotions.

Dried Lavender:
– Its fragrance does not have a strong sedative effect, but when feeling down or gloomy, lavender can relax your mind and body, improve insomnia, and relieve headaches.
– Also known as [Vanilla Queen] it symbolizes cleanliness, purity, longevity, and peace.
– Functions: Relieve stress / relaxing sleep / calms nerves.

– Throughout time in Europe, chamomile have been used to treat insomnia, neuralgia, and rheumatism, and now it is often used to improve symptoms such as physical pain, promote digestion and relieve tension.
– Functions: Calm nerves & improve relaxing sleep, relieve pain & improve skin complexion

Lemon Verbena:
– Its lemon scent has the effect of soothing tension while relaxing the body, mind, and spirit, also help digestion and remove greasiness, a.k.a “Queen of herbal tea”,
– In France, lemon verbena is considered an after-meal drink replacing coffee as their “evening tea” to improve sleep and help digestion before bed.
– Functions: Reduce edema, balance emotions & promotes digestion.

SGS – 480+ Pesticide Tested
Eurofins – Metalic Contanmiants Tested
100% Natural
No Addictive
No Preservatives

Product: Malaysia
Shell Life: 24 Months
Nett Weight: 2.3g x 10pc
Individually sealed sachet each using corn-fiber tea bag
Serving: 350ml Hot water 85°C+ steep for 5mins

Storage: For optimal storage to be kept in cool and dry place, and avoid direct sunlight, best kept refrigerate.

Advise with medical condition / pregnancy to consult a physician before consumption


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