Bubble Mask Bio Detox


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The 1st « oxygenating anti-pollution mask »* inspired by Korean detox methods.

Today, many cosmetic products claim to thwart pollution’s harmful effects. But can we go even further? Yes we can! Bubble Mask Bio-Detox is not just another anti-pollution product. It is sensational.
Both in how it feels and its effectiveness.

A foaming mask with thousands of microbubbles.
When it comes into contact with your skin, the Bubble Mask Bio-Detox’s charcoal fabric foams with hundreds and thousands of oxygen microbubbles. A fine white, dense foam forms, enveloping your face in a genuine ‘oxygen mask’. What a feeling!

– Freeing the pores from toxins and pollutants.
Bamboo charcoal, renowned for its detoxifying powers, absorbs impurities and produces a controlled
dose of infra-red light which stimulates cutaneous microcirculation and encourages cell exchange. The oxygen microbubbles weave in and out of even the tiniest recesses of your skin for a gentle clean.

– Strengthening natural skin defenses.
The probiotic extract from the fermented rice produced while making a milky, sweet Korean rice wine, called makgeolli, balances and fortifies the skin.

– Soothing and hydrating
100% key ingredients of natural origin working together to take care of damaged skin.