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Established since 2011
We are committed to provide customers with an inspiring, fun and unique experience

Supply the world’s top skincare and makeup brands, our stores are themed around comfort, openness and style. Testers are available for a variety of products in stores, while our online shopping store also provides detailed product information, so that customers can find the most suitable products comfortably at home.

Our Beauty Squad

Research, test and study our products are what we do.  Although we are not dared to claim all products have been tested by everyone of us, but trust us, we know what we are selling.

Online to Offline

Online shopping is convenience yet brick and mortar stores may provide you hand on experience and product opinions.  Yes, we decide to bring you the best of both world.

Online Shopping

From ordering to delivery, our experienced team can assure your online shopping experience as positive by providing different payment and delivery options.  Yes, we take your satisfaction seriously.

We strive to provide you

Satisfaction Trust Security Confidence

We cherish every single one of our customers, and it is our ongoing efforts to improve in all aspects to bring our customers a positive shopping experience.
What a surprise! The product is comprehensive enough and professional!!! The staff is very familiar with the product, and the introduction is kind. Will definitely replenish at regular intervals.
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