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  • Umeya Cha Plum


    Soften feces, help promote metabolism, ease bowel movement and prevent constipation No diarrhea, solve intestines problems Remove smelly breath and body Eliminate unwanted toxin, prevent acne and promotes brighter skin condition

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    LS Hair Vitamines


    – Supplement created to nourish your hair from within. – Each 2 capsules contains the vitamins and minerals you need for longer, stronger hair including AnaGainTM that stimulates hair growth and fights hair loss. – Biotin, zink and selenium contributes to the maintenance of normal hair.

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  • Oi CARE Oi TEA Botanical Tea – Tranquility


    Ingredients: Raspberry Leaf, Rose, Chamomile. Summarise Functions: Nourish Female Reproductive System / Relieve Menstrual Cycle / Regulate Hormones. Raspberry leaf: – Since 18th century in Europe, raspberry leaf tea was commonly known for medicinal use during and post pregnancy. – It helps restore strength after delivery and promote lactation. Of its nature in improving uterine…

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  • Oi CARE Oi TEA Botanical Tea – Purity


    Ingredients: Dried Chrysanthemum Buds, White Chrysanthemum, Wolfberry, Sweet Osmanthus. Summarise Functions: Relieve Headaches / Detoxification / Restore Energy (Qi) / Nourish Skin Complexion. Dried Chrysanthemum Buds: – Chrysanthemum has the effects of dispelling internal heat, liver soothing and improving vision, and consider an anti-aging agent. – Functions: Relieve headaches / clear internal body heat White…

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  • Oi CARE Oi TEA Botanical Tea – Dream


    Ingredients: Dried Lavender, Chamomile, Lemon Verbena. Summarize Function: Improve Sleep & Skin Complexion / Calm Nerves & Emotions. Dried Lavender: – Its fragrance does not have a strong sedative effect, but when feeling down or gloomy, lavender can relax your mind and body, improve insomnia, and relieve headaches. – Also known as [Vanilla Queen] it…

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