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  • Me Elos Lamp Cartridge 100k Pulses (1st Gen Only)


    This cartridge is made especially for the My elos ME Blue- 1st generation, it supplies 100,000 pulses. The my elos Mē – Blue comes with a 5400 pulse built in quartz lamp, once the old cartridge is empty dispose of it and simply click the new 100,000 pulse cartridge instead. Elōs is a combination of…

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  • Me Elos Epilator Cartridge (2nd Gen Onward)


    Dual Action: Me My Elos EPILATOR immediately removes your hair while at the same time the elos technology reduces future hair growth permanently!! Elos Me epilator is the only machine that allows the user to remove unwanted hair while treating hair removal permanently in one same session There is no need for prior treatments with…

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  • Me Elos Shaver Cartridge (2nd Gen Onward)


    There is no need for prior treatments with Elos, No gels or creams are needed. Remove the protective cap from the hand held applicator by gently pulling it out, slide the shaver until it “clicks”, it is ready to use! It is convenient, cost effective and user friendly.

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  • MESO Mask Brush Set

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  • Sale!

    Talika Time Control


    – Anti-wrinkle of the eye contour, even on the deepest wrinkles. – Anti-sagging of the eye contour. – “Anti-stress”, eye contour soothing. – Promotes penetration of active ingredients. – Multiplies and accelerates the effectiveness of eye contour treatments.

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  • Sale! Talika TA50492

    Talika Free Skin


    Free Skin A unique combination of 2 wavelengths(440nm and 630nm) with scientifically proven cosmetic properties in 1 ultra-modern and practical mobile device for combating imperfections. BENEFITS Visibly fewer imperfections. Reduced redness. Minimised shiny areas. Disappearance of marks. HOW TO USE Thoroughly cleanse your skin Apply conic applicator on the head of FREE SKIN and approach…

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  • Not Just A Body Sponge – Bamboo Charcoal


    Our Konjac facial sponge with bamboo charcoal has the added benefit of a super activated carbon ‘carbo activatus’ which offers a powerful and highly absorptive cleansing experience – deep, deep, deep! Providing that extra oomph to help soak up excessive oil and dirt, without drying the skin out – BAM! Say bye bye to blackheads…

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