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  • Esse C5 Gel Cleanser


    – A foaming, tingling wash that deep cleanses without drying. – Peppermint and Spearmint oils refresh and improve micro-circulation to aid in the elimination of toxins. – African Aloe extract exhibits soothing properties.

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  • Esse C8 Cream Cleanser


    – Esse Cream Cleanser gently and effectively removes dirt and make-up. – It binds with impurities allowing them to be easily rinsed away. – Jojoba Oil keeps the skin moisturised during cleansing.

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  • Esse E5 Cocoa Exfoliator


    A delectable exfoliation experience for all skin types. Fine Cocoa particles polish and refine the skin’s surface. Wild sourced African oils provide slip and nourishment. – A delectable exfoliation experience for all skin types. – Fine Cocoa particles polish and refine the skin’s surface. – Wild sourced African oils provide slip and nourishment.

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  • Esse E6 Microderm Exfoliator


    – Rooibos delivers potent anti-oxidant properties to detoxify and renew. – Calcium Carbonate and Kaolin are both mildly exfoliating to help lift dead skin cells. – Marula Oil is included to nourish and hydrate, leaving skin feeling comfortable and smooth. – Frankincense and Orange oils deliver a rich engaging fragrance.

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    Esse K5 Clay Mask


    – Effective in drawing out toxins. Mildly exfoliating, the Kaolin and Bentonite clays bind to heavy metal toxins and impurities associated with environmental and dietary pollution, drawing them out of the skin. – Olive Leaf Extract improves elasticity and hydrates tired skin. – Rooibos Extract assists detoxification with its strong anti-oxidant properties.

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  • Esse K6 Cream Mask


    – A deeply hydrating and softening mask which will deliver a strong regenerating action to fight the effects of ageing and minimise the visibility of lines and wrinkles. – High levels of LMW Hyaluronic Acid boost the skin with an intense moisturising and plumping effect. – Kigelia increases collagen production for a visible brightening, lightening,…

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  • Esse M5 Light Moisturiser


    – This lightweight moisturiser reduces excess shine by delivering ingredients which match the natural fatty acid profile of sebum. – Skin is left matt, yet hydrated. – It is formulated to balance the skin’s immune system, to reduce inflammation, and to fight sun damage and the early signs of ageing.

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  • Esse M6 Deep Moisturiser


    – This product contains prebiotics to feed beneficial microbes at the expense of pathogens. – A probiotic extract is added to shift microbial populations in your favour. – It is also balanced at pH 4,5 to favour the growth of synergistic species.

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  • Esse T5 Toner


    – Esse toner completes the cleansing process with actives to revitalize, protect and improve skin texture. – Rooiobs Extract improves immune function and exhibits anti-inflammatory properties. – Olive leaf extract combats the negative effects of pollution and protects from the sun.

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  • Esse R8 Eye Contour Cream


    An all-round eye cream to address the main concerns around the eye area: crow’s feet, dark circles, and puffiness. Bellis extract lightens dark rings by inhibiting tyrosinase production and reducing melanin. Albizia extract and Darutoside protect and strengthen the dermis by consolidating fragile microvascular networks and by stimulating detoxifying systems. This reduces puffiness around the…

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  • Esse R9 Intensity Serum


    –Esse’s answer to quick wrinkle reduction using a natural plant active which relaxes subcutaneous muscle in a similar way to Botox. –The effect lasts for 24 hours, but there is a cumulative effect so if used regularly, the appearance of lines and wrinkles over the long term will improve. –Independent testing has proven that this…

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  • Esse R10 Probiotic Serum


    –50 million live probiotics per drop are activated by the moisture on your skin when applied. –These living cells complement your natural microbial diversity and help to slow the ageing process. –These living cells equip the skin to rectify imbalances and strengthen barrier function for a firmer, fuller, more resilient skin. –Independent testing has proven…

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